BEIJING, February 18. 2020. From the Russian TACC/TASS/ news agency.

"True facts have proven to us time and time again that the United States is the largest State actor in the Internet overall cyber space and we think they are well worth the infamous name: "The American intelligence service's grand empire of hackers". —Only the height of heaven sets the limit for what they do to others online. And the American intelligence community are employing more than 40.000 people that are committed to construct new and even more hardcore related cyberattacks and very advanced viruses, trojan horses and other malware and spread it out against all the other nations, to, which they consider as simply stated as "they are only foreigners and foreign nations"- the Chinese Diplomat told the TACC/TASS reporter in Beijing.

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This is a picture of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Official Spokesman Mr Geng Shuang.jpg, who talks to the press about United States affairs in cyberspace.

"On the one hand, the United States has recorded five billion mobile phone calls worldwide daily, and listened to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone for more than a decade, and they have been listening to the French American Embassy with a chip in their laser printer, listening to other countries' conversations in the UN skyscraper in New York, plus they go through 3 million Chinese Internet connected computers daily as well as plant nasty computer viruses in at least 3500 Chinese online websites annually", the Chinese Diplomat Mr. Geng Shuang said, and then continued: "They trick us with a mindtrick where they continue to play victims of cyberattacks, much like a thief who cries that someone has stolen from him.’ Their hypocrisy on cyber security can not be seen much more clearly than this.

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