Here you can Kitchen Dutch. (Afrikaans)

Afrikaans language learning pack.

With about 7 million native speakers in South Africa, or 13.5% of the population, it is the third-most-spoken language in the country. The language has an extra 13.3 million L2 speakers. Afrikaans is a West Germanic language spoken in South Africa, Namibia and, to a lesser extent, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The language evolved from the Dutch vernacular of South Holland (Hollandic dialect) spoken by the Dutch settlers and spread to the people of colour associated with them, in what is now known as South Africa.The language gradually began to develop distinguishing characteristics in the course of the 18th century. It is a daughter language of Dutch, and was previously referred to as "Cape Dutch" (a term also used to refer to the early Cape settlers) or "kitchen Dutch". However, it is also variously described as a creole or as a partially creolised language. Dutch Afrikaans-Hollands meaning "African Dutch".
The total number of Afrikaans speakers estimates 23 million.
Afrikaans is also spoken in Namibia.

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