Dictionary of Languages - The Definitive Reference to more than 400 Languages - Andrew Dalby.

The language and language family headings in this book are in alphabetical order from Abkhaz to Zulu. Cross-references are given in SMALL CAPITALS. Maps, and sometimes boxes listing numerals or other examples, often bring together information on two or three related languages: the cross-references always serve as a guide.
It has usually been possible to give at least the numerals, 1 to 10, as an example o fthe way a language looks and sounds. Other information often displayed adjacent to the text includes foreign scripts and their equivalents in the familiar Latin alphabet. A surprising number of these scripts can now be found as TrueType fonts on the World Wide Web (see acknowledgements on p. 734).
This book is not designed as a bibliography or reading list. Often, however, information and examples in the language entries are drawn from sources to which an interested reader could go to find out more. Thus, wherever it may be useful, full references to sources have been given.


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