How to learn a foreign language by Dr. Pimsleur.

In his own teaching, Dr. Pimsleur saw students repeatedly failing and being turned off of what to him was the most exciting challenge in the world: learning a new language. From his research, he came up with Guidelines to increase the excitement and fun in language learning.

The book speaks equally to the different kinds of "would-be language learners" –– from those who became scarred for life by High School Spanish, to the more confident learners who want to approach the full range of learning all the different languages possible.

Paul Pimsleur was very direct in his advice on what to look for in a language teacher.
When classroom experiences is not going to help you learn anything, to when you’re right to object that your time is being wasted, by methods that aren’t going to teach you anything.

The Pimsleur Method is developed from the ground up in this little e-book.

As Pimsleur walks you step-by-step through his straightforward advice on how to learn a language, he sets out the principles of The Pimsleur Method, answering many of the questions people might have had about the reasoning behind the program.
By the end of this short book, you’ve gotten the benefit of his years of learning experience, and the results of his research, proven to result in YOU learning a new language more easily.

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