icelandic language learning pack

Icelandic Language Learning Pack

Native speakers 360,000. Icelandic is the main language in Iceland. It is the official language and as you can expect, everything on Iceland takes place using the Icelandic language. Icelandic are taught in schools, the news radio is Icelandic, newspapers are in Icelandic and the Senate uses Icelandic. And it is the most similar language to the older Norse-language, because it has been the one, least influenced by neighboring countries and island visitors. At least up until now.

In the digital age, we live in there has been a slight change. First, when television came onto the scene it was easy to control it and uphold language purism to a certain degree. The material was made in Icelandic and the rest had subtitles. Children’s programs were even dubbed. But with the newfound Youtube, Netflix and other platforms, people and children can more easily find entertainment in English and without any traces, dubbing or subtitles to remind them of the mother tongue. This is worrying for a small nation speaking such a rare language. There is a great shortage of proper Icelandic language in the digital world and that is a fact. This has also caused us to adopt more foreign words without a proper translation.

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Icelandic is a North Germanic language spoken in Iceland. Along with Faroese, Norn, and Western Norwegian it formerly constituted West Nordic; while Danish, Eastern Norwegian and Swedish constituted East Nordic. Modern Norwegian Bokmål is influenced by both groups, leading the Nordic languages to be divided into mainland Scandinavian languages and Insular Nordic (including Icelandic).

The conservatism of the Icelandic language and its resultant near-isomorphism to Old Norse (which is equivalently termed Old Icelandic by linguists) means that modern Icelanders can easily read the Eddas, sagas, and other classic Old Norse literary works created in the tenth through thirteenth centuries.

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