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Vietnamese is among the 20 most spoken languages in the world, talked by around 80 million people. Vietnamese (tiếng Việt) is the only official language in Vietnam. It is the first or second language of many ethnic minorities in Vietnam, but some mountain tribes continue to speak a language of their own. Foreigners should learn Vietnamese, if they live or work in Vietnam. It will help them communicate and to understand the Vietnamese people's mind's and culture. It certainly makes a good relationship.
But for foreigners the Vietnamese language is very difficult because the language has six tones.
How many words are there in Vietnamese language?
Fluent: 10,000+ words. When you reach around 10,000 words in many languages, you've come to a near-native level of vocabulary, with the requisite words for talking about nearly any topic in detail.
How old is the Vietnamese language?
The Austro-Asiatic language family includes approximately 150 languages found primarily throughout Southeast Asia and India, with the Khmer, Mon, and Vietnamese languages being the most significant. The Austro-Asiatic family, believed to be at least 3,000 years old, consists of two subfamilies, Munda and Mon-Khmer.
What language is similar to Vietnamese?
Vietnamese is the Austroasiatic language with by far the most speakers, several times as many as the rest of the family combined. Its vocabulary has borrowings from Chinese, and it formerly used a modified set of Chinese characters called Chữ Nôm given vernacular pronunciation.

Learn Vietnamese.free.

Is it easy to learn Vietnamese?
Learning Vietnamese is neither hard nor easy. As we will see, many more aspects of Vietnamese grammar are dễ rather than khó. Realistically, it is more accurate to say that Vietnamese is mostly "an easy language" rather than "a hard language." However, one aspect of Vietnamese, the pronunciation, is quite difficult.
Is Cambodian language similar to Vietnamese?
An interesting point is that Khmer is not a tonal language, contrarily to Vietnamese. Also, Khmer borrowed heavily from Sanskrit, while Vietnamese borrowed heavily from Chinese, so cultural influences are very different. ... Vietnamese is a creole Chinese language and not a pure Austroasiatic language like Khmer.
Who invented the Vietnamese language?
The man credited with developing the modern Roman based Chữ quốc ngữ (script of the national language) is Alexandre De Rhodes, a French Jesuit missionary who came to Vietnam in 1627. Within six months of his arrival, De Rhodes was reportedly preaching in fluent Vietnamese.

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