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Updated: 2 min 49 sec ago

Tennessee governor seeks to amend law honouring leader of Ku Klux Klan

34 min 27 sec ago
  • Nathan Bedford Forrest was leading Confederate general
  • Republican Bill Lee will introduce legislation regarding holiday

Tennesse governor Bill Lee will introduce legislation to amend a law requiring the state to honor Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate general who went on to lead the Ku Klux Klan.

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Fireworks flew as protesters clashed with security forces in Beirut – video

1 hour 24 min ago

Fireworks were let off as protesters clashed with the security force in Lebanon’s capital on Saturday 18 January.

Officers used water cannon and fired teargas at demonstrators who were protesting the economic crisis the country has faced in decades after politicians have failed to agree on a new cabinet following prime minister Saad al-Hariri resignation in October

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No screening for new Sars-like virus at UK airports – yet

1 hour 36 min ago

Experts decide no need for checks as member of Coronavirus family infects up to 1,700 in China

Health officials have ruled out introducing screening for passengers at UK airports, despite mounting fears over a deadly new virus from China. Three big US airports yesterday announced they would introduce screening.

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TSA issues apology to Native American woman who had braids pulled by agent

1 hour 45 min ago

Tara Houska ‘humiliated’ by TSA agent who ‘snapped my braids like reins’ during screening at Minneapolis-St Paul airport

The federal Transportation Security Administration has apologized to a Native American woman who said an agent at Minneapolis-St Paul international airport “pulled her braids” and said “giddy up!” when she took a flight from there this week.

“The agent said she needed to pat down my braids,” tweeted Tara Houska, an indigenous rights advocate and attorney. “She pulled them behind my shoulders, laughed and said ‘giddyup!’ as she snapped my braids like reins. My hair is part of my spirit. I am a Native woman. I am angry, humiliated. Your ‘fun’ hurt.”

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Right fire for right future: how cultural burning can protect Australia from catastrophic blazes

1 hour 56 min ago

Traditional knowledge has already reduced bushfires and emissions in the top end, so why isn’t it used more widely?

Indigenous fire practitioners have warned that Australia’s bush will regenerate as a “time bomb” prone to catastrophic blazes, and issued a plea to put to use traditional knowledge which is already working across the top end to reduce bushfires and greenhouse gas emissions.

“This is a time bomb ticking now because all that canopy has been wiped out,” says Oliver Costello of the national Indigenous Firesticks Alliance.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to drop HRH titles

2 hours 6 min ago

Harry and Meghan will repay £2.4m of taxpayer’s money spent on renovating their home and withdraw from official duties

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to no longer use their HRH titles and will repay £2.4m of taxpayer’s money spent on renovating their Berkshire home, the couple have announced, as talks about their future roles concluded.

The Queen said she was pleased they have “found a constructive and supportive way forward” for the family.

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Facebook apologises for Xi Jinping offensive name translation gaffe

2 hours 32 min ago
  • Problem arises in translation of leader’s name from Burmese
  • Tech giant ‘sincerely apologises for offence this has caused’

Facebook said on Saturday it was working to find out how Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s name appeared as “Mr Shithole” in posts on its platform when translated into English from Burmese, apologising for any offence caused and saying the problem had been fixed.

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Trump claims Suleimani was 'saying bad things' about US before deadly strike

3 hours 4 min ago

President, in audio obtained by CNN from Republican event at Mar-a-Lago, gives account of drone strike that killed Iranian general

Addressing Republican donors at his Florida resort on Friday night, Donald Trump said Qassem Suleimani was “saying bad things about our country” before the US president authorised the drone strike which killed the Iranian general and pitched the Middle East to the brink of war.

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Iran to send crashed plane's flight recorders abroad for analysis

3 hours 51 min ago

U-turn follows initial refusal to provide black boxes to international investigators

Iran will send the black box flight recorders from the passenger jet it accidentally shot down abroad for analysis, a senior investigator has said.

The recorders will first be sent to Ukraine, the plane’s home base, where French, Canadian and US experts will help examine them, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported.

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Lecturer says she faced online abuse after Question Time clash with Laurence Fox

3 hours 52 min ago
Rachel Boyle described actor as a ‘white privileged male’ in row over media coverage of Duchess of Sussex

A mixed-race university lecturer accused of being racist by the white actor Laurence Fox has been bombarded with hate messages via social media, she has told the Observer.

Rachel Boyle, a researcher on race and ethnicity at Edge Hill University in Lancashire, clashed with Fox during a television discussion about press coverage of the Duchess of Sussex.

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Oprah Winfrey admits Russell Simmons pressured her over sexual abuse film

3 hours 58 min ago
  • Documentary On the Record details claims against rap mogul
  • Directors say Winfrey gave short notice of withdrawal from film

Oprah Winfrey has said the rap mogul Russell Simmons attempted to pressure her over her involvement with a documentary in which several women detail alleged sexual abuse at his hands. But, Winfrey said, his efforts were not what prompted her to leave the project.

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Luxury travel: 50 wealthy tourists, eight countries ... and one giant carbon footprint

4 hours 1 min ago

Despite the climate crisis, ‘no emission spared’ round-the-world holidays in private jets are selling out

Forget cruises. The super-rich have found a new way to see the world in the luxurious style of an ocean liner but taking a fraction of the time: private jet round-the-world tours.

This week, 50 members of the wealthy elite will board a privately chartered Boeing 757 to begin a 24-day guided tour of the globe, taking in Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, the Galápagos islands and mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

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BBC may waive gagging clauses of previous equal pay settlements

4 hours 24 min ago

Move comes in wake of landmark Samira Ahmed case and amid increasing scrutiny of paying practices

The BBC will consider waiving controversial confidentiality clauses that employees were previously forced to sign as part of settlements for equal pay disputes, amid rising scrutiny and in the wake of Samira Ahmed’s landmark tribunal victory against the broadcaster.

Employees who brought complaints against the BBC before 2016 were required to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) preventing them from discussing their settlement with colleagues, friends, or the media.

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Storm to bring snow and strong winds in move from midwest to north-east

4 hours 52 min ago
  • ‘Widespread hazardous travel conditions’ expected
  • Between 6in and 12in of snow likely as storm moves east

A winter storm was set to spread from the US midwest into north-eastern states on Saturday, leading to “widespread hazardous travel conditions” under as much as 12in of snow.

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Elon Musk set to cash in at Tesla as deliveries and shares soar

4 hours 57 min ago
The boss of the electric carmaker has a $50bn pay package ready to roll if the firm hits a $100bn valuation

One of the options on a fully loaded Tesla is “ludicrous mode”, a setting offering a 0-60mph acceleration time of 2.8 seconds for drivers who find its “insane mode” too sedate.

To some investors, that’s similar to chief executive Elon Musk’s bonus package: if the electric carmaker’s share price goes above $554.80 – which would value the firm at $100bn, and which it came very close to last week – the mercurial entrepreneur could reap the first $350m instalment of a potential $50bn share-based pay package.

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Revealed: clandestine actions of mercenaries during Thatcher years

5 hours 32 sec ago
Keenie Meenie Services was active from Sri Lanka to Nicaragua – and Foreign Office could not rein it in, book claims

A British mercenary company established by former SAS veterans conducted clandestine and highly controversial operations around the world, with successive British governments either unwilling or unable to rein it in, a new book reveals.

Keenie Meenie Services (KMS) was one of Britain’s first mercenary companies, believed to have taken its name from Arabic slang for “undercover”. It was set up in the 1970s and recruited veterans battle-hardened by the Troubles in Northern Ireland, Operation Storm in Oman – when Anglo Omani forces quashed an uprising – and the 1980 siege of London’s Iranian embassy.

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Police examine new footage of car on wrong side of road near Harry Dunn RAF base

5 hours 6 min ago

Northamptonshire chief constable demands urgent meeting with commander of military base

Northamptonshire chief constable Nick Adderley has demanded an urgent meeting with the commander of the military base where the American woman wanted over the death of Harry Dunn was stationed.

The move came after dramatic footage of another vehicle on the wrong side of the road near RAF Croughton emerged and police revealed details of a separate incident in which a police vehicle was struck by a car being driven on the wrong side of the road in October.

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Move 9 member Delbert Orr Africa freed after 42 years in prison

5 hours 18 min ago

Members of black liberation group given long sentences after 1978 police siege on Philadelphia commune, during which officer died

One of the great open wounds of the 1970s black liberation struggle came closer to being healed on Saturday with the release of Delbert Orr Africa, a member of the Move 9 group who has been imprisoned for 42 years for a crime he says he did not commit.

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Alan Dershowitz: Trump impeachment acquittal would make me unhappy

5 hours 58 min ago

Member of Trump’s legal team says he’s acting ‘for the survival of the constitution’ but will have limited role in president’s defence

Impeachment: is Trump set to survive and win a second term?

The Harvard legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, a member of Donald Trump’s team for his impeachment trial, has said he will not vote for the president in November and that Trump’s acquittal by the Senate “would produce results that make me unhappy as an individual”.

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Varadkar insists Ireland is safe country after week of violent crime

6 hours 24 min ago

Ireland’s taoiseach defends record as crime takes centre stage in election campaign

Leo Varadkar has insisted Ireland is a safe country following the murder of a teenager and a number of violent crimes in recent days.

There has been a renewed focus on crime in the Irish general election campaign after the murder of 17-year-old Keane Mulready-Woods.

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